Welcome to Imagine by Rubie’s, where it’s play time, all the time! Developed in 2012 to focus on the growing trend in children’s dress-up attire, Imagine by Rubie’s is a toy division of Rubie’s Costume Company, Inc., offering a full line of dress-up costumes and accessories for children in separates as well as boxed sets. Each and every unique ensemble provides kids the opportunity to dress up as their favorite character 365 days of the year! It’s our philosophy to encourage kids to dream, believe and achieve through the art of imagination.

As one of the fastest growing categories in the toy industry, Imagine is taking the dress-up market by storm! Our high quality designs are developed to appeal to parents and children alike and include many popular licenses such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Superman™, Spider-Man™, Avengers 2, Batman™, Wizard of Oz™, Star Wars™, WWE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ and My Super Best Friends.  

In addition, Imagine by Rubie’s offers a variety of non-licensed designs such as ninjas, policemen, fire fighters, military men, princesses and fairies, as well as accessories including: reversible capes, swords, masks, tutus, purses, wands and tiaras. Our goal is to inspire kids to go out and play and experience good old fashioned fun through their imaginations and creativity. Regardless of the day or time of year, kids can transform into Batman™ or Supergirl or become one of their everyday heroes like a policeman, fireman or doctor. There’s no limit to what a child’s imagination is capable of.

Kid tested - parent approved, Imagine products are designed to fit children ages 3 to 6 with some additional sizes available and are distributed online as well as at national retail chains, toy stores, costume shops, party stores, and other specialty retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

Dress-up 2014 with Imagine and enjoy endless hours of fun!